I’M SO CLOSE! (deployment)

I’m so proud to be as close as I am to have a stable and secure web app. I am a student studying Finance and Economics so I’m not well versed in full stack development. I found out about streamlit about a month ago and fell in LOVE. I’ll keep this short.

I’m using nginx in a docker container as a reverse proxy to my streamlit app in another container. I’m hosting the server through linode and setup a rDNS through their Domain manager. Once I get letsencrypt working I will post all my code and make a few videos.


Ps. If the link isn’t working then I’m probably working on it or I forgot to pay my bills

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I got it working! https://joeysapps.com
I will write out the workflow soon.

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Hello @joeychrys, nice to see you got it working, I’ll be waiting for your breakdown post :slight_smile: !

(Firefox is angry at me for trusting your letsencrypt certificate but it is working indeed :wink: )

Fanilo :balloon:

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I will create a breakdown soon! Yeah I think the problem is that I don’t have www.joeysapps.com setup with a cert. I only have joeysapps.com setup. Firefox gives me the same problem :frowning: