I made 3 simple minigames with streamlit for my university project

I’m greatly inspired by this blog post by Joel Grus at making games with streamlit.

I tried to make it with the help of my friend. It was pretty hard to figure it out at first, but in the end, I managed to finish it.

The web app has three games:

  1. Guess Number
  2. Guess Word
  3. Tic Tac Toe

You can visit it here https://ccrsxx.herokuapp.com
or here https://share.streamlit.io/ccrsxx/pywebapp/app.py

Source code here GitHub - ccrsxx/pywebapp: A web app that is written entirely in Python


Great app. I like the idea of the “send me a message” window for feedback.

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Thanks. It was my friend’s idea lol, very cool feature, so I added it.

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