I used GPT to build a daily 5-minute AI news podcast🎙 for me

Excited to share my open-source project :rocket: AI-Daily News | AI-Gen News Podcast customized to your preferences :rocket:

If you’re an AI and podcast enthusiast, you must give it a try!

:sparkles: Key features:

  • Stay informed on AI advancements in a few-minute AI-generated podcast.

  • Providing the most important, low-hype AI news but a wide range of insights–Technology news, Podcasts, Technology blogs, and Cutting-edge papers.

  • Customize the podcast style to tailor your listening experience.

:arrow_right: Check it out at :link: PH launch page and leave your thoughts!

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Hi, I’m Xuying, the developer of AI-daily news. AI-daily news is my first open-source project (using streamlit) and it’s designed to address information anxiety for AI enthusiasts.

:bulb: The idea came from my personal need:

  • I’m a MLE. Since the AI information explosion, I’ve been trying to keep up with the AI wave. However scattered and cheap news has made me tired, as I only want to know the most important and worthy AI news. AI newsletter subscriptions now become very common, while the daily routine of reading finally become unsustainable.

  • Many of my friends in Silicon Valley including me have been used to listening to podcasts. During a business trip at the airport, while listening to Lex Fridman’s podcast, an idea came across my mind: why not create an AI-generated podcast that compiles all the information I want to know? The AI automatically collects information and generates a podcast in my preferred style on a daily basis, and I can listen to it on my commute! It’s really cool!

:rocket: My vision:

AI-daily news aims to create a brief, to-the-point, and fun-to-listen-to AI-generated podcast. Currently, it focuses on providing important AI news, and in the future, it will expand to cover any custom topic and generate podcasts accordingly.

The primary functionalities are built upon langchain and openai. The frontend interface is developed using streamlit, complemented by some HTML, JS, and CSS. If you’re interested in any other technical details or ideas, feel free to leave your thoughts!

I have lots more planned for the site in the coming weeks, but are excited to share this initial version with you all❤️. Feedback or suggestions welcome on any of it!

Pretty cool! It seems you are replacing all RSS feeds I guess. That works for me and I’ll try it out! Thumbs up :+1:

I’m thrilled by this idea. I always wish there was a place that gave the most important news and discussions on a daily basis. Your product seems solve my problem perfectly. I like the idea you come up with that “brief, to-the-point, and fun-to-listen-to AI-generated podcast”. This is exactly what I want! Another question, how scalable is your solution? Can it handle a large influx of newsletter data or is it designed for smaller datasets?

Interesting practice! I’ve opened this and am excited to try it out! :slight_smile:

Just one question, how does the project handle different data sources? Is there a unified format for ingesting newsletter content, or can it adapt to various formats and sources?

Congrats on the launch, looks great :heart_eyes:.Really impressed by this idea.

A few minutes of podcasting can be very convenient for disseminating information, and it allows for adjusting the tone, length, and volume of audio information. This is very interesting to me, as I see the potential of this project: it can create any personalized podcast.

Keep up the good work and wish the following updates!

It’s a practical tool for me. Keep going and wait for your next move.

I’m excited for you to try Ai-daily news, and I hope it can inspire you in your future products! Let me know your thoughts after giving it a go!

Thanks for your support.

The project is designed to process and present newsletter content efficiently. While real-time capabilities aren’t explicitly mentioned, the integration with tools like Streamlit suggests potential for dynamic updates and real-time interactions.

Hope you like it! The project incorporates data validation and cleaning steps to ensure the integrity of the data.

Thanks for such clear and thoughtful feedback. Please feel free to leave a message on my Discord or Twitter in your future journey with the product to help me improve the user experience. Thank you so much for your support!

I’ll keep working on it and thanks a lot for the affirmation!


以作者强大的实力应该能解决,我创建了一个微信公众号:Streamlit 可以关注一下,也有中文讨论群,欢迎楼主加入哦!

谢谢你的支持和反馈!目前中文的处理都是基于英文的相关内容直接进行翻译,这可能是造成这种乱码解析的原因。我后期会通过更改翻译和解析的流程来进行优化。我去关注下 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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