Illegal Instruction trying to run Streamlit app on a bare metal Kubernetes cluster (K3s) hosted on an Atom D525 (64bit)

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to run Streamlit on a home K8s cluster hosted on an Intel Atom D525 (rather limited instruction set, no AVX…). It does not work. I’m seeing error code 132, “illegal instruction” and “invalid op code” messages.

Root cause seems to be that appears to be compiled for a newer instruction set. I’ve already tried to compile libarrow on the target system, but haven’t come very far.

I’ve seen a couple other, unfortunately already locked threads about “illegal instruction” from a year or two ago that did not really solve the problem. Has there been some development in this regard? Is there a fix? Maybe a special release for older machines?

Thanks a lot!


Nobody? I’m sure there is a solution. I just can’t find it, except for building everything completely from scratch. Are there prepackaged binaries for the dependencies compatible with such an old system?

Would it be possible to make an inofficial streamlit release that is targeted at older systems like that?