ImportError: Trying to run an app that uses opencv and pickle file for image classification

Hi there,

I am getting the following error:

ImportError: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Stackoverflow says to run:

RUN apt-get update
RUN apt-get install ffmpeg libsm6 libxext6  -y

But I dont see a terminal window option in the streamlit site

Here is github repo:

From other streamlit forums it was suggested to add the following package.txt.


Not sure if it will resolve my issue , currently stuck at initializing Java applet

I already tried the following solution,

Create a packages.txt file in your repo with the following line to install the apt-get dependency libgl:


and then the oven gets stuck at
“Initializing Java applet…
Please wait…”

and even after 6 hours it is still stuck. I rebooted it multiple times.

Only once it went past this message and went to “Cloning repository” and then again stuck 5 hours

Okay thanks, I will deploy once the issue is resolved. :slight_smile:

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The fix has been released! :balloon: The solution is to delete your app on Streamlit Cloud and re-deploy it.

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Thanks, now the oven installs the packages.txt.
The website is running but it shows only blank page, I will see what issue is and later create new post as it is a different issue.

Thanks again!