cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Same issue:
But the difference is I am trying to deploy my app into Heroku
Running on Windows Machine

APP TOPIC : Human Pose Estimation

Github Link:
GitHub - GeetChoudhari/Human_Pose

Problem Faced by me using stream lit:

  1. We cannot capture real time feed back from web cam so I had to move towards opencv to capture real time feed and processing pose estimation.
    2)For using stream lit sharing I had to wait in queue :rofl: and still i am not able to access it
    3)after adding requirements.txt, packages.txt , Procfile , Aptfile I am still not able to resolve the issue

My humble request to stream lit team please look into it and try to resolve this issues as soon as possible

Happy for Stream lit team for creating such wonderful technology and special thanks to

  1. Snehan Kekre
  2. Randy Zwitch
    your contents helped me lot for building this app

waiting for reply