Incompatibility with Geopandas

There is an incompatibility between Streamlit and Geopandas. The channels from which they are available don’t provide the same versions of Pyarrow. This dependency is paramount for so many tasks, and it is impossible to work in a environment in which the Pyarrow version for Geopandas and Streamlit is the same. We need this fixed. I can’t save or load geodataframes in several handy formats because of that, which makes my apps less performant.

Is there a way to fix this?


Saw your GitHub issue before this one…

Overall, it does seem to work using conda, though the solver takes a bit of time (that’s a conda design issue, not a Streamlit one).

Is there a specific version of geopandas that it doesn’t work with? Streamlit specifies Arrow as any package version, so there shouldn’t be a constraint from the Streamlit side causing an issue.


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