Info bar "Running function()" appearing unnecessarily for cached function

Even though my function is cached, every time I rerun or adjust a widget my streamlit app displays a temporary yellow info bar at the top saying “Running function()”.

Normally the cached function should not be running, as I am not changing any input. I confirmed this by adding a print statement inside the function, and indeed, no print is made unless I clear cache, but “Running function()…” always appears.

The function is only loading a DataFrame from pd.read_feather(…). If I replace the read_feather operation with creation of a hardcoded DataFrame then the message does not appear. Is this specific to pd.read_X?

Any ideas how I can suppress this message? It worsens the user experience. Thanks for the help.

Hi @kierancondon -

If you set up your code as @st.cache(show_spinner=False), it should suppress that message.


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Thank you, this worked very nicely

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