Inserting image at side bar

Is there a way to insert image at sidebar? Maybe below the sidebar title?

You can use st.sidebar.image:

st.sidebar.image("/home/rzwitch/Downloads/randy-streamlit.png", use_column_width=True)

@randyzwitch thx mate, gonna try this maybe today. If something goes wrong i come back here.

Hiya, This doesn’t seem to work for some reason! Can you please help?


@vigneshjayanth00 could you please pass a snipp of you code?

Hi Felipe,

I used the same code shared above.

st.sidebar.image(r’C:\Users\Home\Pictures\sample.png’, use_column_width=True)

My OS is windows! The image doesn’t show as shown above

maybe there are a problem in the directory you are passing. Check where you image is!