Inside a cloud based platform im using jypyter notebook. here im using streamlit code run fine but URL is not working

Streamlit and Jupyter Notebooks don’t work together out of the box. streamlit hello should be executed from a command line. Here is an example of a library someone made to make them work together: New library: streamlit-jupyter, a new way to develop streamlit apps in jupyter notebooks Or am I misunderstanding your scenario?

If you are running from a command line, you’ll need to make sure you access the URLs from a device in the same network as the host computer. So if you have a cloud computer that is hosting your Streamlit app, you need to access the app from within that cloud computer’s local network.

If you don’t have full virtual machine in the cloud, this might get a bit tricky and you might need to involve your company’s IT department to make sure you have the right setup.