Installer returned a non-zero exit code error during processing dependencies! please fix the error and push an update, or try restarting the app. main jyotsna susan/vnr index/main/

I know this has been posted before. I tried every previous solution.

Installed and upgraded every package. Added a requirements.txt file and even rebooted/deleted the app.

Nothing works. GitHub - JyotsnaSusan/VNRIndex

this is github.

The code works without a single error locally. Don’t know what else to do

If you insist in using numpy 1.19.2 (which is almost three years old), you should use python<=3.8.

Thank you so much, Ill change that. And let you know.

Hello, I switched to 1.24.3. No changes at all. Im stuck and i really appreciate any suggestions at all

I forked your repo at commit a58a64e and deployed to streamlit cloud without issues.

That only confuses me more. Because I still can’t do that. :confused:

The logs should tell you what package caused the error and hopefully will include some clue about why.

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