Installing a streamlit app in IIS server on Windows Server 2019 without Python being installed

I want to publish the app on a Windows Server 2019.
Because our data is confidential, it cannot be published to internet web service providers. We have our own internal server, where I have other apps (mostly javascript apps). The thing is that I cannot installed python on the server due to company restricitions. Is there anyway of achieving this? Thanks in advance!!

Hi @Pabl0Parra

To best leverage Streamlit, installation is the way to go, thus this may entail getting your IT department to look into supporting Python.

Another approach is to use Streamlit from within a web browser and you can look into the stlite project created by @whitphx

And yet another approach is to explore Pyinstaller

Hope this helps!

Hey! Thanks a lot for your reply, will check into @whitphx

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