Intercom for Streamlit?

I would like to add an Intercom-like feature to my Streamlit App so I can chat with my users live.
I looked online but could not find anything.
Any ideas ?

Hi @natoucs, welcome to the Streamlit community!

I take it that Intercom is a chat/chatbot type of software? If so, there have been a few examples of this in the community, but there is no direct support in Streamlit. Effectively, you should be able to iframe in the service that handles the messaging and go from there.


Hi @randyzwitch,

Intercom is an easy addon that allows website owners to have a direct chat line with their users, straight from the website’s front page.
Similarly, I would love to have a direct chat with users visiting my Streamlit app.
An example: here and click on the bottom-right bubble.

Do you have a link to an example of a Streamlit chatbot or iframing a service ?

It could be as simple as this, really depends on what Intercom requires: