InternalHashError: 1 - DF readin @st.cache bug

I keep getting this error. And the recommended hash doesn’t seem to work…

InternalHashError : 1

While caching the return value of setupResults() , Streamlit encountered an object of type pandas.core.frame.DataFrame , which it does not know how to hash.

In this specific case, it’s very likely you found a Streamlit bug so please file a bug report here.

In the meantime, you can try bypassing this error by registering a custom hash function via the hash_funcs keyword in @st.cache(). For example:

@st.cache(hash_funcs={pandas.core.frame.DataFrame: my_hash_func})
def my_func(...):


can you please provide a code snippet in order that we can reproduce the error?


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HI Alex. I guess I should delete that comment (I’m just not sure how).
I found an error in my code that was triggering that “bug” message.
I don’t think it was a bug.
I was able to resolve it.

Streamlit caught something that my IDE didn’t :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I was wrong. This bug is happening again periodically.

I believe these are the functions triggering the error:

#@st.cache(hash_funcs={pandas.core.frame.DataFrame: my_hash_func})
def readinresults(data):
    '''simpler readin function for excel file'''
    df = pd.read_excel(data)
    return df

def readinFile(filepath, extension):
    '''function to read in file with the following options;
    :param filepath: written as "str";
    :param extension: "csv", "xlsx", "xls";
    :return: data as dataframe

    tempdf = pd.DataFrame()

    if extension == "csv":
        tempdf = pd.read_csv(filepath)
    elif extension == "xlsx" or extension == "xls":
        tempdf = pd.read_excel(filepath)
    return tempdf

def setupResults(results):
    set up results for processing in Accurate Insight project
    :param results: results dataframe for one_organization-one_survey
    :return: results dataframe with column names, new columns, and only if "submitted"==True

    # subset data to only submitted surveys
    results = results[results["submitted"] == True]
    ### NOTE: these include submitted surveys that have ZEROS, which means NO ANSWER

    # add new "Location - Department" column
    locdepCol = results["Location Name"] + " - " + results["Department Name"]
    results["Location - Department"] = locdepCol

    return results

I can’t seem to post a like to my Github repository, but here’s the reference :

And my deployed app: