Introducing ATS Like System Streamlit

Hi everyone i have been working on the ats like sytem to help jobseekers and employeers to speed up hiring process please see the below link i will appreciate your feedback.Thank you for your time hope you will love it.

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@lerekoqholosha That’s great, I am sugesting/requesting a feature i.e., not only file uploading, add a feature to allow the user to copy paste the resume and job description, it would be easier because ,the job description will be in the job portal right,

this feature saves the time for converting jd to pdf/doc/txt

Thank you

@Dinesh_Jnld Thank you so much for the feedback i will add the feature and i really apprecciate your feedback.

Cool, I wanna contribute to your project as I am thinking the same software to build, By experiencing yours , That’s great!!

@Dinesh_Jnld Thanks i will share the repo with you.

Hi @lerekoqholosha,

Your app looks really nice. I specially like your Settings page with login for agents and admin. What method did you use for authentication?

Best regards,

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