Invalid Repository URL

First of all Congratulations to the Streamlit Community for this amazing feature .

I have successfully hosted one of my app on Streamlit share.
But when I was trying to host another work of mine an error prompt saying ‘Invalid Repository URL’ .
I tried it many times but couldn’t understand Why this error is coming ?
Please guide me What all things can lead to this error ?

Hi @Ashaab_Rizvi, welcome to the Streamlit community!

There are two ways to add an app to Streamlit share. The default view wants you to add your repo as username/repo, but there is a link in the upper right that lets you copy the repo into it.

If that’s not your issue, please let me know and we can thinking of something else to try.


Hello @randyzwitch Sir,

I think there is an issue with master and main branch .
The app I hosted was in Master branch.
But the another app is in Main branch.
As now Github has renamed Master branch as Main branch may be the issue is coming because of this.

Hi @Ashaab_Rizvi! Could you please share the link to your Github repository, and also to the app that you were able to deploy successfully in Streamlit sharing?

EDIT: it would also help if you could post the repository URL that led to the ‘Invalid Repository URL’ , along with a screenshot of the error in the browser.


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Hello @amey-st Sir,

Successfully hosted App

Github -
Streamlit Share -

Errored App

Github -
Streamlit Share -

Thanks @Ashaab_Rizvi! One quick thing to try is to make sure there are no whitespaces surrounding the inputs in the text boxes (the repository and branch names in particular). Please let us know if that works!


Hey @Ashaab_Rizvi, it turned out the error is due to the length of the name of the repository. If you could limit the repo name to under 39 characters it should work just fine. We are working on our end to remove this restriction, but for now, renaming the repo is the quickest way to unblock your app deployment.

Hope this helps!