Is it possible to download plotly charts as png automatically (aka programmatically with no user input)

I generate a set of Plotly plots (that all together make up a report), one after the other.

I would like to download them automatically on the PC or the user, without the user doing anything. Not sure this makes sense.

I can download images manually by clicking on the plotly camera icon. However here I hava set of grapsh generated automatically one after the other.

If possible I would prefer not to save anything on the server and to download directly.

Maybe the solution is to save all the images on the server, open a prompt for the user to download, and then delete the images on the server?



For security reasons, it is not a good practice to download the file automatically without user consent or interaction. The download_button is perfect for this. Let the user press that button.

It is not necessary to save the image file to a disk. Just use fig bytes data into the download_button.

Thanks @ferdy ,

I agree. What if I have more than one image (a set of png chart image I have generated on a batch) to download? Can I somehow find a way to download them as separate files, but with one single down_load button β€œpress” by the user.


With more than one image, you can save the image bytes in a list, pickle it and send it to download_button.

That is what I wanted. Thanks a million!

How to get a plot’s bytes, instead of an image, to save it as image?

You should create a new topic. Or just search from internet.

Try this.

img_bytes = fig.to_image(format="png")


Thank you @ferdy. I completely missed it as my knowledge of plotly is quite limited.

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