Is it possible to remove the highlight in streamlit tabs?

I’m trying to customize the streamlit tabs widget to my needs and wish to remove the bottom pink highlight. I don’t want to change my config.toml file since it’ll affect the entire app. Is there a way I can change the primaryColor for just one page or solely remove the highlight of the tabs?

import streamlit as st

animals = ['cat','dog','bird']

tabs = st.tabs(animals)

with tabs[0]:
    st.write('Meow' + ' meow'*100)
with tabs[1]:
    st.write('Woof' + ' woof'*100)
with tabs[2]:
    st.write('Tweet' + ' tweet'*100)

css = '''
    .stTabs [data-baseweb="tab-highlight"] {

st.markdown(css, unsafe_allow_html=True)

You can set the background-color: transparent; or just set display: none; if you want to hide it instead of change the color.

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I am trying to change the color of my tabs. could you please share yours. It would be really helpful for me. Thanks