Is it possible to select and copy text in aggrid without Enterprise features?

Per the title, I was wondering if it is possible to copy text from the aggrid table.

Note that I do not mean exactly copying the table in a csv or Excel format - I know that’s an enterprise feature. I just mean selecting some text in a cell, as you would to any text in a website.

you don`t mean double click on cell and select - do you?

for automatic means - aggrid object has .data field which contains the raw data that data frame represent on screen

I genuinely mean just selecting text in a cell in order to copy it to clipboard. :slight_smile: For some reason I am not able to do it with Enteprise features off, and I was wondering if I can do anything about it. Double clicking does not do anything.

Solving my own problem here, per aggrid docs, the options enableCellTextSelection and ensureDomOrder need to be True. So in order to copy cell contents, the config needs to be something like this in Streamlit, in addition to column configuration:

gb = GridOptionsBuilder()
go =