Is it possible to set default tab view for st.tabs?

Curious to see if it this is currently possible. I have a streamlit app that uses st.tabs for guiding a user through a workflow. For the first two tabs, the user is just selecting the parameters for the main functionality on tab 3 and I don’t run into any issues there.

The issue arises on the 3rd tab, where I have an st.form_submit_button that in turn helps me generate an st.download_button for the user. After the user presses the form submit button, streamlit refreshes and default view returns to tab 1, causing the user to navigate back to the third tab for their download button. This makes the overall process feel less seamless. Hoping to find a work around if there is one. Would appreciate any help on this.

Hi @streamlit-user,

Thanks for posting!

Unfortunately, this isn’t currently supported. Feel free to submit a product enhancement request here.

Caroline :balloon: