Is there a way to set the height of a container or a column to the monitor height in px

I want to create a container that match the height of the monitor. Is there a way to do that?

hi ! @jamie613
yes it possible by using the st.set_page_config to setup it as layout as wide

st.set_page_config(layout="wide", initial_sidebar_state="expanded")

if not you can also use custom html/css for it

Thanks. But this didn’t set the container height to the monitor height.

I ended up using css:

            .fullHeight {height : 80vh;
                  width : 100%}
            </style>''', unsafe_allow_html = True)

container = st.container()

container.markdown("<iframe scr='linke', class = 'fullHeight'></iframe>", unsafe_allow_html = True)

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