On my computer this code works, but on it gives me an error.


AttributeError: ‘DatetimeProperties’ object has no attribute ‘isocalendar’

If I leave it out, on my computer this warning is shown
FutureWarning: Series.dt.weekofyear and Series.dt.week have been deprecated. Please use Series.dt.isocalendar().week instead.

Hi @rcsmit, can you post a link to your code?

  df['weeknr']  =  df['date'].dt.isocalendar().week
  df['yearnr']  =  df['date'].dt.isocalendar().year
  df['weekalt']   = (df['date'].dt.isocalendar().year.astype(str) + "-"+

Here you are

I actually meant the whole repo, so I could try to deploy it locally as well as on Streamlit sharing.

Sorry, here you are :slight_smile:

The sharing is at

(but I had to remove the isocalender, so the weeknrs are not shown as I want to (2021-01))