Issue with Cloning Repository in Streamlit

Hello Streamlit Support,

I’m encountering an issue when trying to deploy my app using Streamlit. The problem arises during the cloning process of the repository. Here’s the error message I receive:

[18:04:46] :octopus: Cloning repository…

[18:05:16] :octopus: failed

[18:05:54] :octopus: failed

[18:06:31] :octopus: failed

[18:07:10] :octopus: failed

[18:07:51] :octopus: failed

[18:08:01] :octopus: Failed to download the sources for repository: ‘capstone_3_gpt-2-relationship-advice’, branch: ‘main’, main module: ‘’

[18:08:01] :octopus: Make sure the repository and the branch exist and you have write access to it, and then reboot the app.

Here are some key details and steps I’ve taken:

  1. The repository is hosted on GitHub and uses Git LFS to store large model files.
  2. I’ve confirmed that the repository and branch names have not been changed after deployment.
  3. I have tried to redeploy the app multiple times without success.
  4. I’ve recently performed operations like filter-branch to remove large files from the Git history, but the main files required for the app are still present.

I’d appreciate any guidance or suggestions on resolving this issue. I’m eager to get my Streamlit app up and running. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Best regards,


Hi @rjmalka if you can share your github repo, we can help take a look! Note: Streamlit Community Cloud offers 1 GB of RAM per app

Ensure the repository and branch names are correct and you have write access. Verify Git LFS is set up properly for large model files. If you’ve altered the Git history, ensure essential files are still present. Retry deployment after confirming these steps.

Hi mliu,

Thanks so much for your patience! This is my repo - let me know if there’s anything you see:

Thank you!

@rjmalka tried to clone your repo and i was able to reproduce the error - looking from the log it looks like it was out of the memory unfortunately

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That makes sense… Thank you so much for the help, Maggie!


Hey @rjmalka ,

I saw your code and it appears that you are loading the model- I assume this is why you are using GitHub LFS for.

I would suggest you use Streamlit LLM Hackathon’s sponsor, you can host your model on their platform for free and just access the model through their sdk and api.

If not, any model hosting service would work well and resolve your issue.

Let me know if it works!

Hi Anirudh,

Thank you so much for this, it’s really helpful! I’ll look into clarative and update if I can get it working for free.

Thanks again!

Hi @milu
I have a similar issue right here:

and I was wondering how to show the memory usage of my application like you did in that replay