Issue with displaying dict type cell values using st.dataframe

Hello Everyone,

I am new to Streamlit and facing issues while working with dataframes.
Use-case : I need to store dict as cell values in dataframe ‘df’ for column ‘a’ and string for column ‘b’. Normally, my code outputs the result as required but somehow when I use the same code on Streamlit using st.dataframe, It merges cell values for the columns that has value type dict.
I have attached the example code below for your reference.
df = pd.DataFrame([[{‘1’:‘2’}, ‘abc’], [{‘6’:‘3’}, 'def]], columns= [‘a’,‘b’])

Expected output:

Output using st.dataframe():

Could someone help me out on this?.
Thanks in advance.

Hey @nikita,

I am able to reproduce this exact error on my computer too! Can you please file a GitHub issue on this and add your code line in?

Thanks for the catch! :softball:
Happy Streamlit-ing!