Issue with Streamlit "view full screen" option when making subplots with Bokeh


I am trying to make subplots on my Streamlit app using Bokeh. I am using the following code to create three interactive Bokeh plots in one row:

from bokeh.layouts import gridplot
from bokeh.plotting import figure
import streamlit as st

x = list(range(11))
y0 = x
y1 = [10 - i for i in x]
y2 = [abs(i - 5) for i in x]

s1 = figure(background_fill_color="#fafafa"), y0, size=12, alpha=0.8, color="#53777a")

s2 = figure(background_fill_color="#fafafa")
s2.triangle(x, y1, size=12, alpha=0.8, color="#c02942")

s3 = figure(background_fill_color="#fafafa")
s3.square(x, y2, size=12, alpha=0.8, color="#d95b43")

grid = gridplot([[s1, s2, s3]], plot_width=250, plot_height=250)


It works, however, the problem is that the “view full screen” option of streamlit works on one of the three plots only. Is there a way to either remove the “view full screen” option or make it work on all the three plots?

Thank you,