Issue with the App-don't know how to add session state to the App


I team, I have an app that has two functions, the strong textfirst function is to display the menu option, and once the user inputs the details to log in to the database, then the second function appears displaying the table selection. However, when the user selects the table from the drop-down. The table selection option is disappearing

Steps to reproduce

Code snippet:

def menu():
      with     st.form(key="my_form"):
             global username
             username = st.text_input("Username:")
             global password
             password = st.text_input("Password:")
             global db_Host
             db_Host = st.text_input("Database Host:")
             global db_Name
             db_Name = st.text_input("Database Name:")
             global db_port
             db_Port = st.text_input("Database Port:")
             global submit
             global conn
             submit = st.form_submit_button("Connect")
def table_selection:
     if submit:
    option = st.selectbox('Select table name', df,index=0,key='option')

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Expected behavior:
Once the table is selected from the drop-down, the option should show the new table selection

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Actual behavior:

once the user is selecting the table from the drop-down menu, the drop-down menu is disappearing. I don’t know how to add session state to my code

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Hey @OmerZ11,

Have you checked out this doc and watched the video on session state?

To implement session state, you would just create a key and value for whatever value you want to keep track of, e.g.

st.session_state.selected_table = 'table2'     # Attribute API
st.session_state['selected_table'] = 'table2'  # Dictionary like API