Issues with Cookie Expiration

Hello all please i watched this video How to Add a User Authentication Service (Login Form) in Streamlit - YouTube . i created the login for my app. But the problem is that the cookie expiry is in Days . I want it to be in minutes so users can login once 5 minutes have expired

Have a look at this repo. You may file an issue to support expiry in minutes.

Have you tried using a decimal?

1 day = 24 hours
1 hr = 60 minutes

expd = 5 min x 1 hr / 60 min x  1 day / 24 hr
expd = 5 / 60 / 24 = 0.00347

5 minutes = 0.00347 day

use 0.00347
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THanks very much …i figured it out by just dividing 1min/24 hours

please can u help me …i have two buttons in the same row …i want to style them with different background colour using css

Any suggestions

For other issue it is better to read the guide.

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