Issus with connecting Streamlit webapp to BigQuery

I am building a webapp using streamlit framework that connects to the BigQuery to fetch tables. The issue is that the BigQuery credential authentication link and location to paste the authentication code generated appears on CLI in the backend. What I want is for the link to appear on the webapp itself so that when I host the webapp, it will be convenient for the user to click on the link and paste the generated code in the link on the webapp. Can someone suggest to me a way to do that?

Hi @Shashank_Vats -

We use BigQuery internally (as well as Streamlit to do our reporting!), what you want to do is create a service account key file:

If you have the file in its default location, you can do something like the following so that your credentials aren’t saved in your Python code:

from import bigquery

# If you don't specify credentials when constructing the client, the
# client library will look for credentials in the environment.
client = bigquery.Client()


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The problem is the app is supposed to be used by multiple users and most of them would be having different project ids so I guess creating a service account key file won’t serve the purpose here. Hence we want authentication to happen at the front-end, everytime for each user.