It doesn't take any input and store it into variable

How to take any input by the user from streamlit gui and store it into variable. The problem is that it doesn’t take input from the line st.text_input("…") in line number 96 and it moves ahead without taking or waiting and store it and execute another lines.

Hi @Rajat_Gupta, welcome to the Streamlit community!

In the case of your code, you need to use the value of Capt in some way, either as a conditional or something to make the code pause. As you have it, the widget is defined with line 96, then immediately moves forward.


Thankyou for your support and reply but I have tried everything still it creat issues and doesn’t work Capt variable is not able to hold any value in it.


It should. Can you try at the end of the code:
and can you show us the streamlit screen?

Thankyou very much problem is solved, but now I want to change the background colors of the st.beta columns. Can we do it or what is the syntax for changing the background colors of the beta columns