Jupyter + DB + Streamlit - Locally, with Python connections out-of-the-box

I made an open-source tool that deploys three containers in Docker, and it’s really nice for rapid prototyping on both Jupyter and Streamlit at the same time to make your app:

  • Jupyter
  • a database of your choice (currently you can choose between postgres and mongodb, but you can fork it and add other options)
  • Streamlit.

It ties all of them together so that when you open Jupyter, or the Streamlit code, you have Python clients pre-configured and pre-loaded with connection details for the databases. That way you don’t have to think about the dependencies and how to configure them (for pymongo and sqlalchemy).

I use this for rapidly prototyping against remote APIs in Jupyter, feeding the results into Postgres or MongoDB, and then visualizing them in Streamlit. I can do all of that with a very fast REPL loop using this setup!

I hope you enjoy and please visit the repo on github and give a star or fork it if you like it!


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