Jupyter notebook and streamlit

hello , How to run the localhost from jupyter notebook in windows because , the command prompt does not work ? thanks

Hey @Cellule_Boukham, welcome to the Streamlit community!

It’s not possible to run Streamlit inside Jupyter right now. One of the major reasons why is that Streamlit starts a server on the main thread which, even if you were able to run it in Jupyter, it would make the kernel unusable by blocking it. Here’s another thread on this that goes a bit more in depth.

Would be curious to know if there’s a certain functionality of Jupyter that you would like to see in Streamlit. Let me know and I can file some feature requests for you.

Thanks for reaching out!

Hi @tc1

The ipywidgets and the extensions qgrid and bqplot would be (yet another :-)) game changer for Streamlit.