KeyError: 'st.session_state has no key in Streamlit

# Libraries
import io
import os
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import streamlit as st

def login():
    # interface codes for the login screen
    # (css,buttons,background,input area etc )
    path_input_0 = st.text_input(
        "File Path:",
        "Please enter the path to the folder containing the file",
    global proceed
    if st.button("Proceed"):
        st.session_state["page"] = "main"

def main():
    if 'PATH_INPUT_LAST' in st.session_state:
        file0 = st.session_state["PATH_INPUT_LAST"]+"/Bankomat Alışveriş Özeti.csv"
        if(os.path.exists(file0) and os.path.isfile(file0)):
          print("file was deleted as preprocessing")
          print("file was not found to delete")
    # interface codes for the main screen
    # (css,input,buttons etc.)
    def set_texts(pdf_files:list):
        print("starting to text process")
        #This function reads pdf and gets "CRC-32" components as texts
        for pdf_file in pdf_files:
            with as doc:
                text = ""
                for page in doc:
                    new_text = page.get_text()
                    text += new_text
                    return text

    pathz = st.session_state["PATH_INPUT_LAST"] + "/Bankomat Alışveriş Özeti.pdf"
    st.write("path1:", pathz)
    file_names = r'%s' % pathz
    if st.button('Show Info Analysis'):   

if __name__ == "__main__":
    if "page" not in st.session_state:
        st.session_state["page"] = "login"

    if st.session_state["page"] == "login":

    elif st.session_state["page"] == "main":

Hello friends, I’m entering the input area on the login screen: “folder path containing the file” and then I am pressing the Proceed button.

When it comes to the main screen, path1, and file_names are displayed correctly and properly. However, when I click the ‘Show Info Analysis’ button on the main screen, I get an error as below:

“KeyError: 'st.session_state has no key “PATH_INPUT_LAST”. Did you forget to initialize it? More info: -features/session-state#initialization”

How can I solve this problem?


File "f:\anaconda\lib\site-packages\streamlit\runtime\scriptrunner\", line 556, in _run_script
    exec(code, module.__dict__)
File "C:\Users\Desktop\abstract_account\", line 85, in <module>
File "C:\Users\Desktop\abstract_account\", line 64, in main
    pathz = st.session_state["PATH_INPUT_LAST"] + "/Bankomat Alışveriş Özeti.pdf"
File "f:\anaconda\lib\site-packages\streamlit\runtime\state\", line 93, in __getitem__
    return get_session_state()[key]
File "f:\anaconda\lib\site-packages\streamlit\runtime\state\", line 111, in __getitem__
    return self._state[key]
File "f:\anaconda\lib\site-packages\streamlit\runtime\state\", line 440, in __getitem__
    raise KeyError(_missing_key_error_message(key))

You never initialize “PATH_INPUT_LAST” into the session state.

I guess you mean to do this in your login function?

If it provides a solution to my problem, it can be done there.

I haven’t tried, but I guess it is something like:

if st.button("Proceed"):
        st.session_state["page"] = "main"
        st.session_state["PATH_INPUT_LAST"] = path_input_0

But I’m not 100% sure.

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In addition to what you wrote, I also deleted the key and it worked (delete key here) :

def login():
# interface codes for the login screen
# (css,buttons,background,input area etc )
path_input_0 = st.text_input(
“File Path:”,
“Please enter the path to the folder containing the file”,


@LukeF What is the reason why it doesn’t give an error like this, compared to the previous code?

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Nice work!

I’m not 100% sure why deleting the key works, but my guess is that it didn’t like sharing the key name with the key in session state.
If I had time I would experiment.
Perhaps you could try adding the text input key back with a random name?