Launching streamlit from my terminal

Hello all,
I’m pretty new with streamlit and its community, trying to build by first web app.

i have installed streamlit , wriiten a few codes on juypter - saved the file in my download folder on my drive.

however, when I try to launch the web app from my terminal, I get the attached error.

will appreciate any assistance on how to go about resolving this.

thank you

After you cd to the directory where you have your app, can you run dir to look at the displayed files and folders and make sure it is the same location you think it is? Maybe it got saved under some other profile folder or it is redirected.

Another thing you can do is navigate to where you have the file saved and right click on it, select Properties. Confirm the full file path there.


Thank you Debbie will give this a shot and revert


hello, thanks for the earlier solution, however I’m still getting the same error. I believe my files aren’t still in the same directory, will try troubleshooting a bit more.

The file you are pointing to is Is this a notebook or a plain Python script? Streamlit needs a .py file, not a .ipynb file. Make sure you have it saved with the right extension.

Ah! I see. It worked. Thank you so much :dancer:t3:

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