Leetcode dashboard! understand your own!

Leetcode dashbod

application link

know-yourself: link

shows the records of recent n competitions (depends on data source: handy maintained google sheet, also I only get top 5k users per competition)

  1. compare your self with same condition (e.g same country code) competitors

  2. suggest competitors that most close to you (median of competition percentiles )

  1. know your question pass rate (question tag is maintained by myself, if you also interested in it, please contact me)

global ranking: link

in previous section we only analysis past n competitions, but I knew some of you did care about the global / regional ranking, so this dashboard will help you to get the latest data.

About project

I believe many SWE / MLE professionals often face challenges during coding interviews (me too). Usually, it takes a significant amount of time to prepare for these interviews. I hope this application can help you identify blind spots and overcome them. (e.g. the pass rate for each category, other competitor’s growth, …) Wish everyone’s effort did worth.

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