Let's build the knowledge base: Tag Your Posts!

Hello Streamlit Community!

As we continue to build Streamlit to be the fastest, easiest way to create a data app, we want to make sure that we’re also making it as easy as possible for users to get answers to their questions. To that end, we’ve enabled post tagging, as shown by the new tag boxes underneath posts:

When you click on a tag, for example deployment, you will be brought to a page showing every post with the deployment tag. This should help greatly reduce the friction in finding answers to commonly asked questions while also allowing for community members to see some of the development history and decisions behind Streamlit.

Adding one or more tags to your post is as easy as the following gif shows:

We’ve already gone through the amazing posts corpus so far, building out a tag hierarchy, and tagging historical posts. Going forward, you will have the ability to tag your posts (and should!) to add additional clarity behind your question and aid in its long-term discoverability.

For now, the tag hierarchy is only able to be modified by admins, in order to keep a high signal-to-noise ratio; if there’s a tag you think should be available, leave a message here and we’ll add it. Over time as the community grows and more community-led moderation occurs, we’ll likely open up the tag hierarchy for users to add as needed. To current tag hierarchy can be viewed here:


If there are any questions or tags we should add, please leave a message below!


Randy Zwitch
Head of Developer Relations