Libicu-dev needed


One of my stream app reuqires the PyICU package that is dependent on libicu.
apt install libicu-dev
would install libicu in a Ubuntu.

Would it be possible to have libicu installed?

pyicu is needed by polyglot, a package for multilingual text processing.

Hi @mikeie -

System-level packages are installed using a packages.txt file:


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Cool. Thanks a lot.

Hi Randy!

I put libicu-dev in packages.txt ( But pip install PyICU still failed. I used PyICU in Ubuntu 16/18, apt intall libicu-dev fixes the problem with pip install PyICU. Also, the build action in the repo’s workflow runs successfully (

I don’t know why it does not work with

Can you please have a look ( Thanks very much.


For your convenience, I’ve opened a PR against your repo. This fixes the issue from my Sharing deployment:

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Thanks very much for your help! It’s up running…

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