Links to same document in md document

is it possible to have a link from a table of contenst to the chapter title in a markdown document in streamlit? I would like to write something like:
[Station information](#Station-information)
where in the document there is a ‘# Station information’ title in the same doc. This seems to work on git but does not in my Streamlit app.

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Hi @godot63, we’ve been waiting for you! :smiley:

If that’s not something our Markdown processor allows already, then I think that it should be. I will do some research and file either a bug or a feature request for you. :slight_smile:

Thanks for trying this out and letting us know it doesn’t work!

hi nthmost, you are familiar with french literature! I’m impressed! I think indeed this feature would be very useful. You can see how it does not work on if you go to the help menu item and the same document on github . It would be great if you could integrate that feature.

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@godot63 Yep and I used to live in Ontario, no less, so that’s a couple things we (may?) have in common. :smiley:

Thanks for the link, always useful to have more info to go on!

Filed issue as a proposed enhancement here: