List of items as an input?


First of all, amazing tool, I’m using it on a few project, thank’s so much for creating such an amazing tool!

I’m asking after I’ve searched the docks and was not able to find, is there a way to create a list of parameters as an input?

I know there’s a multi_select, but that’s not what is needed.
To be more specific, I have a huge database, and the user should input for example a list of ID’s he would like to see data about them.

The only way I currently see for doing it, is creating it as text input, and splitting the text by some character, is there something that is built-in? (Also, the IDs are not constant, so I can’t really create a list, and nor can I make a call to the DB to pull the IDs due the fact that not all of the users see all of the ID’s.

Thanks a lot!


Hey @BugzTheBunny,

First, Welcome to the Streamlit community!!! :partying_face: :partying_face: :tada: :tada:

Second, thanks! We also think streamlit is amazing! :star_struck: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :rofl:

are you looking to create some sort of input form type of thing where all the widgets append their values to a list?

Do you have any screen shots and a code snippet of what your looking for?


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Hey @Marisa_Smith

The goal of this is to make something like a list of str items.
for example the user will be able to input something like tags or something, not specificly a form, just an input field, for text, which will take some words.

to create soemthing like Stackoverflow tags

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That’s exactly what I’m looking for.
Any update on that, @Marisa_Smith ?
Thank you

Hey @GitHunter0 (and @BugzTheBunny),

Have you seen this component that was made by @gagan3012, one of our community members?


No, thank you for pointing that out! @Marisa_Smith

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Nope, didn’t see it, and it looks awesome, thank you! @Marisa_Smith

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@Marisa_Smith , do you plan to incorporate the best external components as native Streamlit?

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Hey @GitHunter0,

Currently, that isn’t currently in our plans (unless we find a special case). We want people to be able to have control over their components but also (and in my mind mainly) you then get to have bragging rights on your resume that you built this component that X many people use!

Check out this more detailed answer by one of our creators, @andfanilo:

Happy Streamlit-ing!

Hi @Marisa_Smith , thank you for the feedback!

Although I think some incorporations would be nice to reduce dependencies, I can understand your reasoning.

Keep the great work!

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