List of items as an input?


First of all, amazing tool, I’m using it on a few project, thank’s so much for creating such an amazing tool!

I’m asking after I’ve searched the docks and was not able to find, is there a way to create a list of parameters as an input?

I know there’s a multi_select, but that’s not what is needed.
To be more specific, I have a huge database, and the user should input for example a list of ID’s he would like to see data about them.

The only way I currently see for doing it, is creating it as text input, and splitting the text by some character, is there something that is built-in? (Also, the IDs are not constant, so I can’t really create a list, and nor can I make a call to the DB to pull the IDs due the fact that not all of the users see all of the ID’s.

Thanks a lot!

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Hey @BugzTheBunny,

First, Welcome to the Streamlit community!!! :partying_face: :partying_face: :tada: :tada:

Second, thanks! We also think streamlit is amazing! :star_struck: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :rofl:

are you looking to create some sort of input form type of thing where all the widgets append their values to a list?

Do you have any screen shots and a code snippet of what your looking for?


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Hey @Marisa_Smith

The goal of this is to make something like a list of str items.
for example the user will be able to input something like tags or something, not specificly a form, just an input field, for text, which will take some words.

to create soemthing like Stackoverflow tags