Load data back onto existing folium map after button/checkbox pressed

What is the best way to call a folium map on app page load, let the user place a marker on the map, and then call a function to generate data and then add this to the existing map - my current code is as such, which calls a base map first, which lets a user place a marker on the map. Then it stores this data. Then when the user checks the box it calls a function which generates the data based on the selected coordinates. It doesn’t load back on the original map though. How do I refresh the map?

"""// Generate base map with marker placement function.""" 
m = geemap.Map(center=[54, 1], 
"""// set map data to variable and display map.""" 
mapdata = st_folium(m, width=1500, height=700)

"""// extract coordinates from mapdata.""" 
if mapdata['all_drawings']:
    for i in range(0,len(mapdata['all_drawings'])):
"""// implement check box for function run request.""" 
if st.checkbox("Submit Model Coordinates"):
        data_generated = data_generation(latitudes[0],longitudes[0])
        geo_j = folium.GeoJson(data=data_generated, name="GeneratedData", style_function=lambda x: {'color': 'red', 'weight': 1, 'opacity':0.5})
        """// Add data to current map.""" 
    except AttributeError:
            st.write("No data found in the area. Please select another location.")

Hey @efalcon91 - Welcome to the community; it’s great to have you here! :hugs:

Could you possibly send us the full code?


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