Login page


Hello community!
I’m learning to deal with the application and I had a doubt.

I made a kind of login screen, nothing too complicated, a form with a button that validates whether or not the user exists in the bank to login.

The logic worked fine, I am able to authenticate and log in, but I have difficulty changing the page after login.

My initial idea is to have the login screen as the main page, after login I will have a page with several other contents and sidebars with projects and functions.

the only thing I managed and after login to run something on the same page, below the login field.

Can anyone help me with an idea of ​​how to finish this project of mine or say if there is such a possibility?

I ended up watching several videos about similar projects, but I found it a bit confusing for my understanding and it kept me from focusing on my initial idea.

Thank you for your help!!!

Steps to reproduce

Code snippet:

import streamlit as st
from streamlit_extras.switch_page_button import switch_page
from conexao import *
import time
from streamlit_extras.stoggle import stoggle

banco = DataBase('autenticacao.db')

col1, col2, col3 = st.columns([1,2,1])

with col2:
    with st.form(key='autenticacao'):
        input_login = st.text_input(label='Usuario')
        input_senha = st.text_input(label='Senha',type="password")
        input_botao = st.form_submit_button('Fazer Login')

# with col1:
#     with st.form(key='autenticacao'):

validar_usuario =  banco.usuario_existe(input_login)
login = banco.autenticar_usuario(input_login)
senha = banco.autenticar_senha(input_login)

col_1, col_2, col_3 = st.columns([1,2,1])

with col_2:
    if input_botao:
        if validar_usuario == True:
            if login == input_login and senha == input_senha:
                with st.spinner('Autenticando Usuario'):
                with st.spinner('Autenticando Usuario'):
                    st.error('Usuario ou senha invalidos!', icon="🚨")    
            st.error('Usuario não Cadastrado')
            if st.button("Lembrei!"):