Logo and App name at the upper left corner

How can I insert an image at the upper left corner of my app?
My intention is to provide a name and the logo of my project above the side bar, likewise the Streamlit Documentation web page (https://docs.streamlit.io/).

Here’s one option: Put logo and title above/on top of page navigation in sidebar of multipage app - #6 by blackary

Thanks for your help!
Unfortunately, I’m not able to use a file saved in my computer. The code runs with no error but the image doesn’t appear.

(Sorry, I previously said that a local version should work fine, but it doesn’t).

Edited answer: Unfortunately, a local image won’t work at this time. If you save the image somewhere (e.g. imgur ), you can use the url of the logo.

Hi, I tried to put the file name but the image does not appear. Unlike your example, the space remains empty.

You can see how it looks in the attached figure.


@fcamara My previous comment was wrong – it won’t work if it’s a local file, so you’ll need to upload the image somewhere and reference that. Sorry about that.