Lumino: Your efficient Integrated AI-Powered Debugger

Hello all, I have been working on an application for a few months now. Being new to the framework it took me sometime to figure things out, however I eventually was able to get the hand of it.

The application is an integration of AI within a code editor and the way that works is through a click of a button you will be able to debug your code. And ofcourse, there is a chat session implemented where users can continue their discussion with the AI model in case of any questions.

I would appreciate any feedback as I plan ahead on improving this application and improve the debugging process and the overall idea of this. Whatโ€™s good about this? Itโ€™s free and more efficient compared to the majority of LLMs out there. Let me know what you think!


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Great app :heart:

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Thanks ferdy! I appreciate it.

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