Machine Learning Models Playground

Ever felt tired after preprocessing the dataset, and not wanting to write any code further to train your model?

Ever encountered a situation where you wanted to record the hyperparameters of the trained model and able to retrieve it afterward?

Models Playground is here to help you do that. Models playground allows you to train your models right from the browser!

In the Models Playground:
Just upload the preprocessed dataset, choose the option to perform classification or regression.

Enter the dependent variable, type in the split ratio and choose a scaling method(MinMaxScaler or StandardScaler), and enter the columns to be scaled.

Select a model and adjust its hyperparameters to get the best result.

Copy the automatically generated code snippet to train in Jupyter or Colab.

If you find the model to be performing well click the save hyperparameters button to save the results to a data.txt file.

To view all the hyperparameters saved till now, display them on the screen with a single click

That’s it, isn’t it amazing?

Find all the code here:

Checkout the demo video: Final.mp4 - Google Drive

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