Managing a set of private pages in a multipage app

I have a multipage app with about 10 pages in the /pages directory, each for one major function of my app. I have several additional pages that are for my own use only that I keep in /pages/privatepages/

I would like to be able to see them from but no one else.
I don’t want to run separate servers pointing at each page
I don’t want to have to hide files using kluges like different git branches or moving them from place to place.
If necessary, I could run two servers.

What am I missing? I can’t seem to figure out how to make this as smooth as it should be.

How should I structure these directories & servers?

Take a look at st_pages. You can customize how your pages look, and with logic in your code you can set the visible pages conditionally. Note however that this is CSS based, so you should still have a check at the top of your restricted pages to redirect users who might manually try to navigate there.

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