Markdown and Math Equations

Hey everyone,

I am having trouble with Markdown and Latex support. In the API Reference, it says St-supported functions are on Katex webpage. However, I can’t get a simple frac to work. Actually, I am looking for a tool that will show exactly what will be shown in Streamlit. I have used StackEdit – In-browser Markdown editor, however, the behavior is different in Stackedit and Streamlit. Do you have any tool or extension for Vscode? And what I am doing wrong below?


I think we should put r before “”". However, there are some cases where it works without r. Can anyone explain the smart way of working on these equations? I will write long engineering documentations for my Streamlit apps.

For me it works well if I use it the follwing way with the $$ on a separate line:

latext = r'''
## Latex example
### full equation 
\Delta G = \Delta\sigma \frac{a}{b} 
### inline
Assume $\frac{a}{b}=1$ and $\sigma=0$...  

As you did, there should be a r before the “”" “”". Thank you.