MATEO: a streamlit app for evaluating machine translations

Hello Streamlit comnunity

I’m happy to introduce you to MATEO (MAchine Translation Evaluation Online), a streamlit web app that was built for both technical and non-technical users to easily evaluate MT. If you’re not familiar with MT you can read my Twitter thread about this release which also contains screenshots. Feel free to share or like that thread if you enjoy it.

The app contains quite some nifty things that Streamlit has to offer:

  • extensive caching (but I’m so happy that custom hash funcs are back in newer releases!)
  • custom components
  • custom HTML and CSS (although I hope the usability of this improves in the future, more similar to Gradio)
  • custom CLI arguments
  • interactive visualizations and tables
  • a multipage app (although I’d like the option to add other things to the sidebar, like logos or copyright info)

It’s all open source and can be found with a GPLv3 license on Github.


Thanks for sharing @BramVanroy this app definitely has a great impact to machine translation research, keep up the great work!

Best regards,

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