🤠 May Monthly Roundup

Check out the Monthly Roundup for May! :clap:

Each month we’ll highlight some awesome content shared by the vibrant Streamlit community. From innovative apps to insightful tutorials, your contributions are what make this forum a hub of creativity and learning. :star_struck:

We love seeing what you build—be sure to share your projects in :speech_balloon: Show the Community! or tag Streamlit on LinkedIn and X so others can learn and get inspired!

:jigsaw: Apps + components

CHEESE Electrostatics

:atom_symbol: CHEESE Elecrostatics—Accelerate chem calculations Deep MedChem

:tv: Videos

:chart_with_upwards_trend: EPIC Google Sheets to Interactive Dashboard in Python ft. Streamlit / CSS @andfanilo

:page_facing_up: Articles

Thanks for building with Streamlit! Feel free to share your thoughts and what you’re working on in the comments. :balloon:


Hi! nice resources! Sharing here as well a tutorial I did a week ago on how to build an omni-modal chat app (text, images and audio) with the new GPT-4o model from OpenAI with Streamlit. I will be adding Gemini to it in the following days as well.



Thank you so much for the shoutout @Jessica_Smith ! It’s been delightful to build apps in this community!

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