Mito on Streamlit

Hi everyone, I discovered Mito recently, and users can only use it on JupyterLab. I wonder if anyone in the community has implemented Mito on Streamlit?

Mito makes it super easy to manipulate data in the spreadsheet environment on GUI and encourages the non-programmer background client to use the tool to explore the data.

Thanks, everyone!


Hey @C45513!

Not scheduled yet but we’ll outreach to them to discuss the idea, as they seem interested!

See the video from 22:33 :slight_smile:



That was a really interesting interview! The best startups are founded by groups of people who have really, really experienced the pain and have a great solution. I still think Excel is the greatest app ever built :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Is there anything new on this topic? I am also interested by this feature.



I met with the Mito creators a little while back to answer their questions about how to integrate with Streamlit. So I would imagine it’s coming soon, though I would defer to them on the specific timing.


Hello everyone and really congratulations for the library. Have any new news regarding the integration of Mito with streamlit?


Any update on Mito integration?



I would request bamboolib integration as it has got more gui options compared to mitosheet in data wrangling

just had session w jake from mito. I see videos of streamlit working with mito but I cannot get a mito sheet to work inside my streamlit app. Is this supported yet w current version?

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Hey Streamlit builders! Nate here – CEO of Mito. Really excited to announce that we launched Mito for Streamlit today. It’s a drop-in replacement for st.dataframe or st.data_editor that gives you:

  1. A spreadsheet look and feel for free-form data exploration.
  2. Common data-cleaning operations: filters, renaming columns, even writing Excel-like formulas like SUM(ColumnA, ColumnB)
  3. Code-gen capabilities. For every edit you make to the Mito spreadsheet, it generates code that corresponds

You can check out our documentation here, and check out a simple data cleaning demo app here. To give you the even shorter version:

pip install mitosheet
from mitosheet.streamlit.v1 import spreadsheet
# rest of your streamlit app

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated! Feel free to open an issue on our Github and tag me directly (@naterush), and I’ll get back to you ASAP! Feature requests, any issues you run into, cool apps you’ve build, etc.

(Also, if you build an app with Mito in it, post it here and tag me! We’re giving Mito Pro to the first 25 builders who use Mito for Streamlit :slight_smile: ).


Such a great component!

I remember that convo with the Mito team and @randyzwitch back in 2021! I’m chuffed to see the Mito component finally live! :hugs:


Hey Charly - thanks for the kind words! If you get a chance to try out the component, any feedback would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hello everybody!

I have two questions about Mito, because I’m stuck in the welcome popup.

When I use it, I get this:

The problem is:

a) I don’t see any option to skip the signup :frowning:
b) I can’t get past this point, even if I enter my email: the page reloads itself and I get the signup popup again.

I think there should be a way to avoid the signup, not everyone is interested in their newsletter, especially end users who know nothing about code (most of them don’t even speak English).

Does anyone know how to get past this? Is there a hidden X on the popup, or maybe something in the code like spreadsheet(df).nopopup()?

Great component
But I have encounter a problem during using Mito, it refresh the whole page everytime I tried to act anything in the table.
Is this happens on anyone?

So sorry for the bug here! This absolutely shouldn’t be the case – it’s likely a system specific issue. Can you provide some details on where you’re running your Streamlit app:

  1. local or on a server
  2. what operating system
  3. what browser you’re using

I’ll get this fixed up ASAP. I’ll also circle back on disabling the popup entirely soon! Sorry again for the trouble here.

Sorry for the trouble here! Can you provide a little more detail on what is occurring? Is the webpage refreshing (e.g. like pressing Cmd+R), or is the streamlit app just rerunning? If it’s the first, this is a bug. If it’s the latter, this is just how all streamlit widgets work.

In either case, if you can provide a video of this occurring, I can try and debug it ASAP. Thanks!

Hi, I am experiencing exactly the same issue when running Streamlit app in Streamlit cloud.
Locally in my Win10 PC it does not show this signup popup.

Jake – sorry for the trouble here. Can I ask – does the popup disappear if you put in a fake email? Or does it keep popping up after that?

Thanks for the additional details, we’re hopping on this!

Yes, it disappears if I use some fake email and does not appear again even after refreshing page.

I’m using Chrome
Version 116.0.5845.96 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Gotcha, thanks for the additional information here!