Module not found error in streamlit

hi i am getting error in no module found bardapi when i upload the code on stream community cloud. is there a way to import the bardapi in streamlit just used it for first time thats why

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Hi @Tejs_Shah,

Thanks for posting!

Please share the contents of your requirements.txt file to help us troubleshoot the issue for you.

Hey @Tejs_Shah ,

If the Bard API is an sdk, make sure to mention it under requirements.txt and the version number for it.

When deploying the Streamlit Cloud, you need to specify which packages Streamlit should download on it’s servers for the app to work. If you’ve already done this step, please post your code or GitHub link- I’d love to help take a look at offer some help.

In the meantime, I’d suggest you also follow this thread: Connection with Bardapi does not work when deployed on Streamlit

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